The Shipbuilding Museum is housed in the building Blacksmith, recovered as closely as possible to the initial construction of the eighteenth century. It has two floors devoted to the History of Shipbuilding. The ground floor is a journey through the various construction techniques and the most essential services of a ship.
Stresses the wreck of the frigate Magdalena, sunk in the river Nursery Year 1810 and recovered by the Spanish Armada in the years 70 and 80 last century.

Upstairs we are in the east wing with impressive Temporary Exhibitions, and the museum tour with a series of themed rooms dedicated to the shipyard as Astano, called “Miracle on the River”. Other rooms are dedicated to the Navy, their ships and their Schools; Maritime Shipping, Ports,etc.

In total we have more than 4000 square meters that will delight lay and professional, it is designed for both the course and its content

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